Ashleigh Diserio studies human behavior and the social and cultural context in which the behavior occurs. She brings a unique perspective and a balanced view of the “whole person.” The whole person approach takes into consideration as much information as possible, including psychological and physical state, as well as an individual’s social, cultural, and physical environments.

Ashleigh Diserio has 13 years of experience working with the U.S. government and private sector clients. Her extensive experience applying psychological theories and principles in various investigative, operational, and national security settings allows her to assist individuals and organizations in understanding an individual’s mindset, motivations, behaviors, and intentions. Her understanding in predicting and countering behaviors of individuals who display undesirable, threatening or potentially dangerous character traits, enables her to counsel and collaborate with organizations to set and achieve the highest standards in threat and violence risk assessment, investigations, and other areas. Ashleigh Diserio has dedicated her career to following best practices, operating ethically and within boundaries of her competence while providing objective, unbiased assessments, and recommendations.

Ashleigh has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology from Bethany College and a Master's Degree in Forensic Psychology from Marymount University, as well as various training in a wide range of evidence-based practices. She is also a certified life coach from The Institute for Life Coach Training and provides life coaching through her Resilient Souls life coaching program.


This work is Ashleigh's Passion.

“Why are people quick to blame others for their behavior while offering excuses for their own?"

"How can a person do something that in retrospect they will never believe is okay?"

“What causes a person to commit a heinous crime?”

Answering questions like these has been a driving factor for Ashleigh Diserio throughout her career.  From an early age, she found human behavior fascinating and wanted to understand why people act and think the way they do and analyze why, in many instances, humans behave in reasonably predictable ways. Ashleigh has dedicated her career to studying human behavior from its most basic level, so she can strive towards the betterment of society by equipping others with knowledge, tools, and resources to use in day-to-day interactions. We all have to deal with human behavior on a daily basis, and should be equipped with the knowledge to understand it. 

Volunteering and serving others is a privilege Ashleigh is grateful for. She uses what she has learned throughout her career, and in her personal life, to help others. Many may not be fully aware of the impact victimization can have on the lives of crime victims, but Ashleigh knows from personal experience – as a survivor and as someone who works day in and day out with survivors. Deeply traumatic crimes can cause severe damage to survivors’ emotional, physical, and psychological well-being. Far too many survivors are harmed or retraumatized by insensitive, uninformed, or inadequate community and criminal justice system responses. Ashleigh knows the critical importance of being trained to recognize and understand the impact of trauma on survivors. Over the years, many victims of crime have turned to Ashleigh for support. She is happy to give back by being a valuable resource to victims of crime. She offers them a free consultation where she listens, casts no judgment, creates a trusting relationship, and an open channel of communication, allowing her to assess their case and direct them to resources that can assist them.

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