Welcome to the team, Davorian!

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Ashleigh Diserio Consulting would like to welcome, Davorian, to our team. He joins a group of interns who are volunteering their writing skills and unique perspectives to Ashleigh Diserio Consulting in the coming months. 

Davorian has dual degrees in Sociology/Anthropology and Political Sociology. He has experience as an educator and a Student Engagement Advocate where he implemented restorative practices that facilitated one-on-one academic and social/emotional support for students. He was also an AmeriCorps Assistant Site Director where he maintained student trends to formulate an academic plan of progress and facilitate educational and social activities that produced student and parent enrichment. 

Davorian prides himself as a catalyst for change and understanding. He wants to improve the world and believes the most important skill one needs to do this is the ability to listen genuinely to people. He doesn't just want politicians, and the rich listened to, but also the voices of critical people like single parents, the 50-hour week workers, ones struggling on welfare, college graduates with mountains of debts, etc. Working to bridge the gap of communication with people who have opposing ideologies to create a body of understanding for both sides is a passion of his. Without the ability to listen, Davorian believes we have lost the ability to understand, and without understanding, we lose our humanity.

Interesting tidbits about Davorian:

1) His ideal position would be working with a close-knit team on educational policy. Sure, it’s not a luxurious job where all kinds of fantastic stuff happens, but education is something close to his heart. While he could be a teacher, social worker, guidance counselor, etc. none of those positions would give him the impact he is looking for. As a staff member at a school, he could help shape the culture and people around him, but with a position drafting policy, he could change how schools work in a way that would be most conducive to student’s learning and teachers being able to teach. 

2) He is a versatile nerd. He loves anime, comics, video games, and movies. You can catch him and his friends often overanalyzing these media. He writes in his spare time and reads a balance of fiction (Lord of the Rings, Red Dragon, etc.) and research (urban development in the modern era, metropolitan jungle, etc.). 

4) He is interested in any debate and enjoys arguing from all sides. A good discussion can raise his spirits, regardless of if his point won over anyone.

5) In his undergraduate years, he used to write short fiction under the pseudonym, Emilio Suarez. It was way more popular than he wanted to be.

We celebrate having Davorian on the Ashleigh Diserio Consulting team and look forward to debating topics with him. Help us welcome Davorian by leaving a comment with something you would like changed in the world or a piece of advice you wish you received as an intern.