Criminal and Intelligence Investigations

Ashleigh Diserio Consulting provides support to criminal and intelligence investigations. Investigations consulted on include, but are not limited to, death investigations, sexual assault, child abuse, child pornography, domestic violence, stalking, workplace violence, radicalization, espionage, sextortion, and active shooter. Assistance offered includes:

  • Consultation on narrowing subject pools and identifying perpetrators;
  • Maximizing evidence gathering techniques and reviewing evidence to suggest further investigative steps;
  • Consulting on best practice interview techniques;
  • Assisting families and victims of crimes;
  • Forensically interviewing children ages 4+;
  • Identifying and analyzing suspicious patterns of behavior;
  • Providing insights and training on how memory works;
  • Psychological autopsies to determine the mindset and behavior preceding a suicide; 
  • Assessing communicated threats and unsolicited communications; and
  • Much more.

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