Ashleigh Diserio has 11+ years as a Behavioral Expert working in Insider Threat and Criminal Investigation Programs. Her experience applying psychological theories and principles in various investigative, operational, and national security settings allows her to assist organizations in understanding an individual’s mindset, motivations, behaviors, and intentions. Her understanding in predicting and countering behaviors of individuals who display undesirable, threatening or potentially dangerous character traits, enables her to assist in such areas as developing methodologies to prevent workplace violence, solve crimes, protect national security secrets, help problem employees get on the right path in order to stay gainfully employed, and assist crime victims. She provides objective, unbiased assessments, and recommendations based on the analysis and integration of many different types of information.

Areas of expertise:
- Providing support to criminal investigations for cases ranging from death investigations, rape and sexual assault, child abuse, child pornography, arson, stalking, workplace violence, radicalization, domestic violence, active shooters, cold cases, etc.
- Assisting families and victims of crimes.
- Forensically interviewing children from the age of four and up.
- Post-incident reviews/assessments.
- Providing presentations and/or training on topics such as harassment prevention, stress management, interviewing techniques, threat assessments, domestic violence prevention, bullying signs and prevention, cybersecurity, PTSD, active shooters, operational stress, and various other topics.
- Deployment readiness and reintegration in a military setting.
- Personnel assessment and selection.
- Threat assessments.

Her educational background includes a Bachelors of Science Degree in Psychology and a Masters Degree in Forensic Psychology, along with various training certifications.

Contact Ashleigh Diserio for behavioral, threat, or criminal consultations or presentations and training.

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