Insider Threat

Ashleigh Diserio Consulting assists insider threat programs in the development of a programmatic behavioral component, as well as supporting counterintelligence and insider threat operations and investigations by:

  • Monitoring, auditing, and analyzing information for insider threat detection.
  • Examining and analyzing exhibited behaviors of individuals in an attempt to understand, explain, describe, and forecast behavior, as well as instill countermeasures that preserve national security and prevent violence through early identification and intervention.
  • Identifying at-risk employees and resolving perceived conflicts to prevent insider threats or violence.
  • Conducting presentations and training that enable recipients to recognize, understand, and mitigate national security-related vulnerabilities and threats associated with foreign intelligence operatives, trust-betraying insiders, and those who may be radicalized or have the potential for work-place violence.
  • Train employees and managers on the latest research and principles in the areas of threat assessment and violence prevention. 

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